Funny Quotes For Facebook

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Some of the mind-blowing funny quotes for facebook:

My parents should be proud of me because
i’m addicted to facebook not to Drugs!!!

Facebook should have a limit on how many times
you can change yout relationship status.
After 3 it should default to “unstable”!!!!

I Love Facebook.
Its the only place i can talk to wall and
Not Look like an IDIOT!!!!

I used to wonder what it’d be like to read other people’s minds.
Then i got a facebook account,and now I’m over it!!!!

When a women say “WHAT?”,It’s not because she didn’t hear you.
She’s giving you a chance to change WHAT you said!!!!

Facebook is like a fridge.You know there is nothing new inside
But you check it out every ten minutes!!!!

Some of the cool funny quotes for facebook status:

Facebook is the only place where it’s Acceptable to talk to a WALL!!!!

I dont understand those couples that fight and
a minute later change their facebook status to “SINGLE”…
I fight with my parents but you dont see me change my status to “ORPHAN”!!!

I’d rather live my life knowing i’m not perfect rather than spending
My Whole Life Trying To Be…!!!!

I want to make my name on facebook “Nobody”…
So when i see someone post something stupid i can like it, and
It will say “Nobody Like This”!!!!

Sunglasses allowing you stare at people without getting caught…
It’s like facebook in real life!!!!

Being Popular on Facebook is like sitting at the cool table
in a cafeteria at a MENTAL HOSIPTAL!!!!

We try hard to prove how independent we are.But really sometimes,
we just want someone who’s brave enough of us every once and a while!!!!

Facebook is like jail,you sit around and waste time,write on wall, and
get poked by people you Don’t Know!!!!

It takes around two years to learn to speak.but
It takes a lifetime to learn What NOT to speak!!!

Best funny quotes for facebook which makes everyone to be stunned:

I am not PERFECT But i am LIMITED edition!!!!

You will learn that the Best Experiences are sometimes made by Mistake!!!!

I love sleeping because Dreams are way better than Reality!!!!

I’m going to change my name on facebook to “Benefits”,
so that when you add me it will say,
“You are now friends with benefits.”!!!!

There are two kinds of people who don’t say much.
Those who are quiet and those who talk a lot!!!!

No Relationship is ever a waste of your time…
if it didn’t bring you what you want,it taught you…
what you don’t want!!!!

Loving someone doesn’t need a reason.
If you can explain why you love someone,
It’s not called “Love” it’s called “Like”!!!!

Nothing is sexier than someone who want you…
just as much as you want them!!!!

I don’t go crazy, i am crazy….
I just go normal from time to time!!!!

The problem with political jokes is they get elected!!!!

Smile it irritates those who wish to destroy you!!!!

Nowadays people know the price of everything and
the value of nothing!!!!

You couldn’t Handle me even if i came with Instructions!!!!

Liking your own facebook status is like giving
your self a high five in public!!!!

Respect is for those who DESERVE it,
Not for those who DEMAND it!!!!

We live in the era of the smart phones and stupid people!!!!

Some things can’t be learned;
they can only be experienced!!!

Facebook is like a relationship faithful on your wall,but cheating in their

Dont play games with a girl who can play Better!!!!

Brilliant people do not make mistakes,But
Mistakes make people brilliants!!!

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