Funny Quotes On Exams

funny quotes on exams

Let’s have some fun by sending these funny quotes on exams to your friends.

I wish I could fit a memory card into my brain for Exams!!!!

Hey “Google” why Dont you sit next to me during my exams?!!!!

My All night are out of sleep…
My All days are out of use….
so I asked God,Is This Love?
God Repalied: Nothing Else son,Exam Is Near…!!!!

According to newton’s 4th law for exams:
Every book will continue to be at rest or covered with dust
Untill some external or internal exam moves it!!!!

To your friends:”Dude i am going to really fail”
To your parents:”The test was easy”

I am doing study and giving exam from my childhood
but not yet addicted to studies….
This is Self Control!!!!

80% of final exam will be based on the one lecture
you missed and the one book you didn’t read!!!!

A month before exams:
We refer to foregin authors….
A week before exams:
we refer to local authors…..
On the day of exam:
we become authors:-)!!!!!

These funny quotes on exams tension makes you feel relax:

STUDYING is nothing but STUDENT+DYING!!!!

Even staring at a wall becomes interesting
while studying!!!!

Exams are like Girl friends…
Too many questions
Diffcult to understand
More explanation is needed
Result is always Fail!!!!

Dear friends,
Exams may come and go,marks may come and go…
But once you go mad,you will be mad forever….
So be careful study in limits….!!!!

Take a deep breath…
Its just a BAD day,not a BAD life!!!!

Engineering First Law of Tension:
Pressure on brain is inversly proportional to
the no. of days left to the exams while
the syllabus remains constant…!!!!

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